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HMV Art Gallery

Incubator Space for Island Artists - Presenting the Creative Talent of Martha’s Vineyard Painters, Photographers and Illustrators. 

Homes on Martha’s Vineyard is a full service Real Estate agency centrally located in Post Office Square in Edgartown.

When we opened our agency in 2011, we saw the potential of our office being a great space to exhibit the work from Island artists – its open, bright and near everything. Being at the triangle in Edgartown, we have ample parking and a constant flow of visitors throughout the year.

For two years, we displayed and sold the artwork of Ovid Osborn Ward. This partnership was beneficial to both HMV Real Estate and Ovid. We sold several of Ovid’s paintings and the agency was able to provide our clients with an original painting/print as a thank you following a successful real estate transaction. As our real estate business has expanded, we found having only one artist didn’t fully service the artistic diversity of the Island. We are constantly amazed at the talent and wanted to showcase a variety of artists and the media they use to express their vision.

The Process

HMV Art Gallery will feature artists who epitomize the Island life. An inspirational story is always appreciated and will be highlighted within our office. When a piece of artwork is sold, Homes on Martha’s Vineyard will receive a 25% commission on the sale. Of the commission received, HMV will donate half of the proceeds of the sale to a charity of the artists’ choice.

Artist’s work will be displayed for three months, and we will make an effort to have different media displayed by different artists. HMV Art Gallery will rotate one artist a month. The new artist will be able to host an open house during their first month. HMV will work with the artist to plan the event.

Depending on the size of your pieces, we can display between 6-10 framed pictures. We recommend that the artwork be reasonably priced so visitors not only can enjoy the pieces while they are on our walls, but also at their homes.

Current Artists

Michael R Blanchard

Artist Statement

Photography for me is therapeutic.  I focus on Martha’s Vineyard, which I considermy home, in addition to a place of residence.  The first day I set foot on the Island I felt a spiritual connection and didn’t understand why – but later would learn.  I live here with my wife and best friend who has stood by me despite the difficulties that come in learning your husband is an alcoholic.  After a catastrophic collapse in 2010, my wife, family, the Island and photography have been the keys to my recovery and sobriety of four years.

Michael R Blanchard Paintings

Believe it or not there is a meditative form of photography known is Miksang, which means “good eye” in Tibetan.  It proposes a focus in the moment and a clearing of the mind to take in pure perception and requires a “soft heart”.  When I make it to a Vineyard location at four in the morning to catch the sunrise I use the camera and the moment to clear all problems of daily life and experience each sense to the fullest.  Capturing the images of those moments becomes an expression of the happiness and serenity I feel in the absence of alcohol.  Having been an alcoholic for thirty years I feel like a kid who has been exposed to joy for the first time and those feelings serve as the focus of the images I choose to take.  If others feel the same joy in looking at my captures, all the better.  But regardless, the creative process will always be a part of my philosophy of taking life “one day at a time” and living in the moment.

When I go back to my computer after a photo shoot, I can spend hours attempting to make up for the defects of most camera sensors.  I need to recreate the image, as I perceived it while at the location.  I do not edit photos to enhance their salability or to try to impress people of my photographic abilities – but rather to complete the process of expressing what that moment meant to me.

Lastly, sobriety cannot continue without a focus on giving back to others and maintaining a sense of community.  It is difficult to donate money, time and resources with the daily difficulties we all face.  But I insist on donating a portion of my work to help Island service organizations that do the good work of helping others.  I am in the process of getting my degree to be an addiction counselor, and in the future I hope to help Islanders deal with the disease of addiction.  The combination of counseling, photography, Martha’s Vineyard and a beautiful family, is as good as it gets!  I hope you enjoy my work and truly feel the serenity and beauty the Island has to offer as you take the time to look at my work. 

Contact information: email: blancm3@mmc.org


Melissa Aldeborgh


Melissa Aldenborgh Paintings

Contact information:  (802) 233-5425 or email: melissa@vbgraphics.com